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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Her Love

Can I love her like there is no tomorrow?

I know I filled her heart with sorrow,

But she always loved me like there was more to follow,

Even though I had to borrow,

Her love that is.

We both know my love came with a high interest rate,

But her love was never late,

She would love me at any rate.

Even though I was often never there to receive the payments,

You still left your love at the front doorstep of my heart,

But my mischievous behavior had me stuck in the basement.

I was spiritually bankrupt,

Another word for corrupt.

Your love was a one in a million,

But even my intentions wasn’t worth a dollar,

Or even a dime,

Nonetheless, I was busy chasing nickels,

How could I forget she was my diamond?

I constantly sold myself cheap to a pawn shop,

But she would always purchase me back?

It must have been disappointing to find my love on a rack,

With a for sale sign,

How disappointing?

Why did she never resign.

I was a nice car with a broken engine,

Locked inside of a mental prison.

Despite my misbehavior,

She gave away a piece of her soul,

To bail me out of prison,

Her love was like a shovel

and her strength dug me out this hole,

Now my soul has arisen.

I could never repay.

But because of her,

I am not the man I was yesterday,

I was a boy once dressed in men clothing,

But thanks to her love I am growing,

Better yet, Now I am a Man

Written By: Deaushay Watts

Editor: Tyeicha Nesbitt

©2011 Deaushay L. Watts

Thanks for reading, be blessed!

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