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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't forget to love yourself

Encourage people, but don’t forget to encourage yourself, love your neighbors, but don’t forget to love yourself, & pray for others, but don’t forget to pray for yourself. As you read this status, take the time to thank God for who you are; It’s not about what you do, it’s not about the job you have, & it’s not even about your future goals & ambitions, but the true gift is who you are as a person. Before we can appreciate & love anyone else, we must learn to appreciate & love the person in the mirror. I hope I have encouraged somebody today, God Bless!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Importance of a Spiritual Connection in a relationship

I am 25 years old and I have been around my share of heartbroken women. I have noticed some of the most hurt women are those who actually have misplaced faith and hope in a relationship destined to fail. I completely understand women don’t want an overly spiritual man, but most good men also don’t want overly spiritual women. I am always confused when I walk in church and see the women with the kids while the man is at home lying in bed watching a football game. By no means does going to church guarantee a good man, but it is certainly a good start. On to my second point, just because a man attends the church doesn’t make him a man of God. We as men will fail because no one is perfect, but a man of God understands the true value of a healthy relationship. Examine the person you are dating to ensure he isn’t just going to church for good looks, but discuss the word of God and I suggest you even pray together. I know this may sound lame to a bunch of females, but where has your past relationships gotten you without God. The time to consult God isn’t at the altar, but it should start when you are first dating that person. If you can go out on dates, sleep in the same bed; argue like a married couple, and etc, make sure there is a healthy spiritual connection. Last but not least, ensure your partner shares the same religious beliefs, if you think church every Sunday is the standard and he thinks church once a year is the standard, then there needs to be some good dialogue to come to a common agreement. Either way it goes, you will be praying to God, you might as well have His approval from the beginning.

A Mother’s Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

I never believed Superman could move an entire planet to another side of the universe, I never believed Spiderman could climb walls with his bare feet and hands, and I never believed Wonder Woman had the superhuman strength to rival Superman, but I do believe in the supernatural love of my mother’s love. Before I learned about the sacrificial love of Jesus I learned about the sacrificial love of my mother. How could God ever sleep when He has to hear the faith filled prayer of a mother? A mother’s love never sleeps; while the entire house is sleeping peacefully the love of a mother stands alongside a guardian angel and protects her family with the weapons of love. How can a man learn how to love? The answer is simple; watch the sacrifices of a mother’s love.

When I wanted the latest shoes she bought them, but she wore the same pair of shoes for years at a time. When I wanted to wear the latest fashion trend she purchased me new clothing, but she washed and wore the same outfit over and over again. While I was out playing a football game she was trying to figure out how to pay the light bill. When I was out partying and experimenting in the world she stayed awake until I came home. If the rest of the world turned their back on me today, I have no doubt in my mind my mother will still love me today, tomorrow, and forever more.

Dedicated to my beautiful mother Felisa Martin
Written By: Deaushay Watts
Editor: Tyeicha Nesbitt