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Monday, June 27, 2011

8 years, 2 kids & Still no Marriage

I have been with a guy for 8 years and we have 2 kids, but we still are not married. What do you think?

I think this guy isn't going to marry you to be honest. 8 years and 2 kids later, the question at this point has to be why are you holding on? I don’t think relationships have a deadline for a marriage proposal, but if someone is good enough to be with for 8 years and 2 kids, why are they not good enough to marry. But more importantly, if you are a Christian and believe in the union of marriage, what are you teaching your kids. Would you want your kids to be in your position? Don't forget your kids are watching your lifestyle more than your words. What is mommy teaching her kids about relationships? I can't speak for this man, but I can say you have a decision to make yourself and you can't leave it up to a man that has not made a decision to marry the mother of his kids after 8 years.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Her Love

Can I love her like there is no tomorrow?

I know I filled her heart with sorrow,

But she always loved me like there was more to follow,

Even though I had to borrow,

Her love that is.

We both know my love came with a high interest rate,

But her love was never late,

She would love me at any rate.

Even though I was often never there to receive the payments,

You still left your love at the front doorstep of my heart,

But my mischievous behavior had me stuck in the basement.

I was spiritually bankrupt,

Another word for corrupt.

Your love was a one in a million,

But even my intentions wasn’t worth a dollar,

Or even a dime,

Nonetheless, I was busy chasing nickels,

How could I forget she was my diamond?

I constantly sold myself cheap to a pawn shop,

But she would always purchase me back?

It must have been disappointing to find my love on a rack,

With a for sale sign,

How disappointing?

Why did she never resign.

I was a nice car with a broken engine,

Locked inside of a mental prison.

Despite my misbehavior,

She gave away a piece of her soul,

To bail me out of prison,

Her love was like a shovel

and her strength dug me out this hole,

Now my soul has arisen.

I could never repay.

But because of her,

I am not the man I was yesterday,

I was a boy once dressed in men clothing,

But thanks to her love I am growing,

Better yet, Now I am a Man

Written By: Deaushay Watts

Editor: Tyeicha Nesbitt

©2011 Deaushay L. Watts

Thanks for reading, be blessed!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Follow Me

12:32 P.M. (Protect your Purpose by protecting your Gift)

Hello and I hope everyone is having a great day. I am constantly thinking of ways to inspire my readers and I have decided to simply write down my thoughts or just some of my random conversations in the form of a blog. The time will indicate the moment I put my thoughts onto paper and at the conclusion of the blog I will give it a title. So here we go, here is my first blog.

While working out in the gym yesterday I couldn’t help but think about the recent impact of my short stories. I never imagined a year ago I would be deployed, in the process of writing my first book, be in a relationship, and have a flourishing fan base. To this day, I am still extremely honored by the messages and comments I receive. After thinking about my recent success I really started to ask God why He has blessed me with such an amazing gift. I have always struggled with that very question, but through prayer, the encouraging words of friends and family, and my faith, I have started to use my gift to chase my dreams. It is amazing how God has given everybody a gift or a talent in order to experience His presence and His greatness. I know a lot of people including myself have asked this next question you are about to read. How God could give such an extraordinary gift to such an ordinary and sinful human being? Well today I encourage everybody to use their gift that God has given to them in spite of your struggles. All gifts are given freely, come with a choice, and will either bring glory to God or become manipulated by sin. I was talking to my best friend a couple of months ago and we were talking about finding your purpose in Christ. When you embrace your purpose in God you will naturally use your gifts in order to fulfill your purpose. Today if you are reading this blog I want you to chase your dreams, use your gifts, trust in God, embrace the love of God, and walk in faith. Everyone is a work in progress, but please use your gift because at any moment your gift could very well bring you a spiritual, emotional, or physical breakthrough. I have discussed your gifts in context with God, but there is also another side to this coin. When you DO NOT use your gifts, you will often experience resentment and never feel a sense of fulfillment. But even more important, Satan will attempt to use your gift as an instrument to defy your soul against God. It is amazing because everyone will naturally use their gifts in some fashion, but we must be very careful and protective about those gifts that God has equipped us with. Well, I am signing out! Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to your feedback. I know it’s an abrupt ending! But all my fans know I always have a rough landing! Lol

Written By: Deaushay Watts

Editor: Tyeicha Nesbitt

©2011 Deaushay L. Watts

7 tips to having a successful relationship

I talk a lot about relationships; here are some tips to having a successful relationship.

  1. God- A strong relationship with God will allow you to know how to love. I think most people have a desire to love & be loved, but when we embrace the love of God, He shows us exactly how to love.

  2. Natural Chemistry- Once again, somebody being a good person is great, but there must be a physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual connection. Being good will not be good enough after while, there must be a connection.

  3. Open Mind & Heart- Everyone has a past and the past should be mentally noted,but write all relationships plans in the sand because they are bound to become disrupted; therefore, have an open mind & heart.

  4. Forgiveness- People are not perfect and neither are you, forgiveness is mandatory for any long term relationship. The person apologizing must also not only ask for forgiveness, but actually work towards not repeating the same mistakes.

  5. Trust- Make it a point to give trust freely until proven otherwise. If you don’t trust your partner, you will lose hope, and if you lose hope, you have lost the relationship. Don’t forget, your words are only a measuring stick for your actions. We have to trust our actions more than words.

  6. Space- The most effective relationships understand the value of space. Don’t overcrowd your partner; give them time to miss you.

  7. Have Fun- Life has enough stresses within itself, make sure you have fun. The best relationships are when the two people are friends.

Written By: Deaushay Watts

©2011 Deaushay L. Watts