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Saturday, June 18, 2011

7 tips to having a successful relationship

I talk a lot about relationships; here are some tips to having a successful relationship.

  1. God- A strong relationship with God will allow you to know how to love. I think most people have a desire to love & be loved, but when we embrace the love of God, He shows us exactly how to love.

  2. Natural Chemistry- Once again, somebody being a good person is great, but there must be a physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual connection. Being good will not be good enough after while, there must be a connection.

  3. Open Mind & Heart- Everyone has a past and the past should be mentally noted,but write all relationships plans in the sand because they are bound to become disrupted; therefore, have an open mind & heart.

  4. Forgiveness- People are not perfect and neither are you, forgiveness is mandatory for any long term relationship. The person apologizing must also not only ask for forgiveness, but actually work towards not repeating the same mistakes.

  5. Trust- Make it a point to give trust freely until proven otherwise. If you don’t trust your partner, you will lose hope, and if you lose hope, you have lost the relationship. Don’t forget, your words are only a measuring stick for your actions. We have to trust our actions more than words.

  6. Space- The most effective relationships understand the value of space. Don’t overcrowd your partner; give them time to miss you.

  7. Have Fun- Life has enough stresses within itself, make sure you have fun. The best relationships are when the two people are friends.

Written By: Deaushay Watts

©2011 Deaushay L. Watts

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